• Tina


    I just slid off if my couch wow

  • Jinx

    #2 Good Lord! so hot!:D

  • rachel

    #30 I remember it, I just cant remember what is from 😦 Anybody help me ?

    • nightlock

      the lion king video game. it was on the sega genesis and maybe the snes too

    • Dana Littlerose

      No! If you remember it, you better goddamn remember it! … :)

    • fercyccone

      "The lion King – video game", for PC / Amiga, and then later on for Sega genesis(the best 16 bit console ever made), and Super Nintendo. Hope i could help.

    • Heather

      and the password for all the levels was BARRY! Close enough to BERRY! That game was and still is super hard to this day!!!

    • Myrymuru

      It was so awesome.❤

  • Magenta

    #55 fabulous:)

  • Kate

    #58 Sex on a stick

  • Kimmy

    #18 Kelly Osbourne?

  • Andy

    can't stop watching #8 It's hilarious!

  • me2

    #16 If you aren't working out and sweating buckets, DON'T drink it. Super high in sugar and sodium and hard on your kidneys. Lecture over :)

  • Emily

    #54 Attractiveness to its best.

  • LoBugg

    #2 So sexy.:)
    #48 Adorable.

  • NurseBug

    #44: Mm-hmm!

  • Kalena

    #33 mmmmmmm

  • Carro

    #5 Awwww!<3

  • CoastieK

    #44. Bunch of Non-rate firemen…😉

    (Only Coasties and other military really will really understand so please keep any and all negativity to yourself…)

  • Bee

    #47, my sun tanning addiction stops TODAY.

  • LAskygurl

    Who is #54???????? Hottttt!!

    • Laura

      I believe that is Cam Gigandet. He played James in the first Twilight movie – not sure what else he is in. He is incredibly hot – especially since he is babywearing!

  • sarah

    #57 is insane. wish i was that in shape.

  • wookster

    #1 so cute

  • loyal chivette

    #30 omg I loved that and #27 way to go guys

  • Kimmy

    #44 thank you for your service sirs!!! HMOTB!

  • Gerri

    awww… thats so bitter sweet. my prayers are with you and your children❤

  • circleofcreation

    #25 Bug looks so much like my cousin, wow!

  • katastrophe89

    #8 cracks me up! i couldn't stop watching lol

    and damn #54 that is a huge turn on😉

  • Jenny

    #30…. still own this:-)

  • K-Mac


    Forever alone.

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