• nessipoo

    Great, after reading #31 I am going to have a complex, worrying about screaming birds all the time …

  • haeddre

    #52 oh I love his voice

  • Theresia

    #52… *Le sigh*

  • http://www.smart-flow.com/ Harmony

    theBERRY is the fastest way to your heart. theBERRY is not intended for anyone under 13 years old,

  • Sarah

    #1 – LMAO
    #2 – WALL-E
    #3 – G? T? X?
    #4 – WANT

    • Sarah

      Ultimate fail. #26 and #42.

  • Melissa

    this whole post was great

  • SoCalKitten

    #33 wake up girl!

    • Amy

      If you can't trust your boyfriend and your best friend to take a picture together, without accusing them of cheating, you have serious problems.

  • Lorna

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  • Moss

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  • dollybakerton

    #27 gosh darnit, no one found wall-e did they? …me either

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