How do you feel about the MULLET skirt? (25 photos)


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  • May

    I like #15 because it's not too much of a mullet.. All the others just look silly.

  • KH♥

    … how 'bout we stop calling it a "mullet" … that might help things! Ew. "Hi-lo" sounds a lot better.

    I have a few, I like them, but I agree that you have to have the right body/legs for them. I don't see them standing the test of time, but they're fun now and great for spring/summer.

  • mom424

    Nope – a fashion misstep, definitely. Unless the difference between the front and back (or sides eh?) is not too pronounced(15, 16, 17), it looks uniformly horrid. Btw 22 is a cheat; that's a just a really high front slit. :)

  • @novajellyfish

    Should be tiered or pleated. Otherwise it's not too great

  • Katie O

    #4 & #13

  • kikisbluebook

    Reblogged this on kikisbluebook's Blog and commented:
    I love the mullet concept,whether its a skirt or a dress…i think its an amazing fashion trend!!!

  • Fejoiabro

    THEY MUST DIE!!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL THEM SLOWLY! oh and also those high- ass buns while your at it. that is all.

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