• Nooni

    Wow. That man in #33 is extremely handsome

    • Megan

      I swooned, too! A man with salt-and-pepper hair can be sooooo handsome!!!

  • http://nuralhuda.com/ Kenyetta

    theBERRY does not lose it's flavor like most chewing gums. theBERRY rules. The content that is published contains rumors,

  • Blushy

    Thank you so much for this post I really needed it today!

  • LisaMarie

    Is nr9 Elisabeth Taylor?

  • dkellyb

    #10 doesn't look very enjoyable to me…. Nevermind the "life" aspect of the post D:

  • amanda

    Mmmmm #16

  • Bonnie

    #17 Iceland!! I want to go back again! ❤

  • dakari84

    #6 and #14 look very peaceful #22 and #34 look cute and fun

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