• Betsy

    15 great reasons… Thanks, I think I'll start running.

    • Ben_in_Utah

      Every one is very true, I love to run!!😀

      • Betsy

        Im not a runner nor do I like to work out… But I think a little bit of running might be a good start. Specially with the 15 reasons/motivations😀

        • dkellyb

          Same here. I tried running but it didn't work out… Dancing works much better for me:)

          • Betsy

            I've heard Zumba is fun…

            • DesertLorelei

              I'd love to run, but it's so hard on my knees/back… Luckily, pilates and yoga make up the difference. :)

  • Michelle

    #13 Made me laugh even though I hate them both!

    • mel

      I've never watched the show but from seeing pictures like this it makes me think Scott is pretty funny.

      • Bee

        He's a total douche but he is a sarcastic douche so sometimes he makes some funny jokes. Like this one.

  • BritBerrier

    #15 I am sat in my jammies trying to steel myself to do the 4 miles I should….

  • Foon

    sorry but NOTHING will making me LIKE running..

    • Ginger

      Agreed! I do it because its good for me but it hurts my boobs!

      • L.R.

        Double up on the sports bras. Start slow and build up. I started at one mile and was up to 6 a day after 2 months…then i got pregnant but it's ok still knocking out 3 miles a day even though I have zero energy!

    • Jen

      its a love/hate thing.

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #11 This says a lot about mankind, not only motivating but moving. I love it!😀

  • SadeShadz


  • Ben_in_Utah

    This is such a great daily motivation!

  • Kitty

    I love the Daily Motivation! I've done a complete 360 on my diet. Haven't had soda in almost two weeks.
    Usually I'll give into my cravings after a day or so when I don't see any immediate results. But seeing the daily motivation reminds me to keep at it and eventually it will have to pay off! thanks berry (:

  • Anonymous

    #3 I want to be her yoga pants.

  • flybirdsfly

    #2 I want to be her yoga pants.

  • Lisa H.

    #13 HA!! Did that really happen?? I dislike them both, but nice to see somebody being snarky to her, haha!

  • Aoi

    Hi Berry, i'm a chiver, honestly i wasn't really paying atention to the berry, thinking that i couldn't care less about high heels, girls wardrobes, shirtless men or cute stuff (i'm a cat saturday's fan though) . But it's been one month since i see every daily motivation post, i've been reading the coments about men's fashion and what do you like about men. I can see now the world through your eyes and believe me. It's a Beautiful world.

    Keep Healty and Berry on!

  • Michelle

    #8: "a buttered muffin seems fast and easy" …cue the immature laughter hehe

  • Anomanom

    #9 What does "Shopping in the center aisles" have to do with losing weight. Do the center aisles magically inflate your waist?

    • sidekickk

      center aisles usually contain the more processed foods. the perimeter of the market has all the produce.

      • Anomanom

        Ah that makes kind of sense now, my usual grocery store is arranged differently.

  • james

    who is #12, where is that from?

  • Sugs

    #15 Almost all true except… what is a SEX LIFE?!:$

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