• Cassy

    #20 I am not alone!!!

  • Michelle


  • Laa

    #6 Hilarious! And such a sweet gesture!

  • justlilolme

    People need to stop drinking from the Kristen Stewart haterade and move on to happy thoughts

  • bugaboo

    i can't stop laughing about #6 that is some hilarious stuff right there. gah, i'm still laughing. i'm a dork

  • Jordan

    My sister used to scare the shit out of me everyday with this exact same mask
    I thought their was on one in existence…

  • Mal

    #34 omg scary!!
    #32 LOVE!

    • jjj

      Hi: #32
      I think this is just a Vaio with Washi tape put over the keys. It is translucent so you can see the numbers/letters, etc. Won't work if your keys are dark. I found many of the designs for the tape on etsy so you can do it yourself. The tapes are $3 and change for most for one roll. Some you can select several rolls for a lower price.

      This keypad has a total of 7 patterns of washi tape, and I found them as follows:
      1. Blue vintage shop: InTheClear item: 100900714
      2. White polka dot on pink shop: InTheClear item: 86558117
      3. Sage green chevron shop: AlexisMatto esign item: 102024871
      4. Pink with white vertical stripe shop: AlexisMatto esign item: 102024558
      5. Gold polka dots shop: AlexisMatto esign item: 1020202006
      6. Purple flower shop: AlexisMatto esign item: 102026086
      7. White with branch/blue flower shop: Labarradulce item: 93737352 product: K

      Hope I got them all correct. There are lots of others to use that would also be very cute.

      • jjj

        ok … the shop name didn't come out right.
        as one word:

        Alexis Mattox Design

  • star

    #23 We need a Jason Stackhouse/Ryan Kwanten post!!!

  • yh66600

    #20 I'm a cashier and i try to do the same thing when i bag

  • Julesrulz1111

    #31 I looked for the Heart on my pc…..okay Im Irish!

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