• Elly

    Can we re-name this "stuff I wish my boyfriend could pull off"

  • Sarah

    #2 – LOL. Yeah, no thank you. The stupid shoes killed an otherwise decent looking outfit.

  • SadeShadz

    #13 Not really… I don't like men in shorts >.<

    • emm

      I like the ones in the top left corner! I think my boyfriend could pull them off.. I like when guys have muscular legs so I'm all for the shorts!! haha

  • B.Davs

    #24 uhhh things I wish my boyfriend would NEVER wear

  • ASDH

    #27 #24 #15 no way! not at all

  • yep

    really??? #3 #18

  • BobbyKong

    A lot of these would be perfect for a Prep-douche themed party. Poor showing.

  • gurl

    #6 nom nom nom. CANNOT get enough.

  • jclaytonphoto

    I MADE THE LIST!!!! And even a photo or two that i've taken:)

  • tina

    If my boyfriend came home wearing any of this I would think he was a gay hipster.

  • Corvin

    Mmm yes.

  • Chivettest

    Every time I see this post I think "Stuff I'm glad my boyfriend doesn't wear" because he'd either be gay or a douche bag.

  • Nat

    #6 ryan gosling = ability to make anything look sexy
    #9 he pulls off the purple v-neck beautifully – he's so gorgeous

  • a663543

    ugh please tell me that jorts on men are not coming back in style. just because the hipsters wear it, doesn't mean it's okay.

  • Brett

    You mean you want us to dress like your dad?

  • Bort

    Might as well call this post "Guys in blazers and boat shoes". Sorry ladies but this stuff's not that practical Maybe if my job was "yacht owner" or "movie star at a NYC cafe"

  • avreno

    This should be called 'Stuff that a 16 year old hipster would wear, with the occasional confused 30 year old man'… Last week's was rad though, too bad it's so hit or miss =(

  • DRD

    I support shooting anyone who wants her bf to look like #3

  • rocklesson86

    I like this post. Come to Austin, Texas you would be surprised on how many guys who actually wear stuff like this.

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