Berries, what are they thinking?

Hey Berries!

These celebrities have some questionable expressions and we want YOU to guess what they're thinking! Our captions under each picture are completely made up. We hope you all can think of some good ones! Simply put the number sign and number for what pictures you want to comment on. (ie. #5).

Click HERE to see a celebrity known for his funny facial expressions.

  • Betsy

    "How could he leave me for her… Her lips look like this!!! "


    • RedRuby131

      HAHAHAHA!! ohh that was funny!

      • Betsy

        Thank you! Thank you! 😀

    • SadeShadz

      No jokes against Jolie! xD Seriously…

    • BrandiNY

      I love Angie but that was funny!!

      • Betsy

        Heehee thanks:)
        The Berry ladies ask for a caption and I just gave it to them lol
        No disrespect to Angie

  • alyBerry

    #7 "I think I just peed myself."

  • BritBerrier

    #16 fit.

  • Lisa

    #2 Imagining this one as the whole Andy Samberg "I jizzed in my pants" song.

  • Abby

    #10 Oh my god! baby you look fabulouuuus!

  • Randijane

    #10 OMG I looooove those shoes!!!


    #19 "And they still gave you a job?!" #21 "I Know, Right!"

    • Betsy

      Good one lol

  • mila

    #21, YEEEAH, I'm a skank

  • Kimmy

    #10 "Meet me back at the trailer"

  • Bobbi_1025

    #12 Nooooo not toothpaste!!!

  • Christina

    #8 oh no she didn't! #21 AND what in the world is she wearing?

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  • PunkiePanda

    #21You said what about my weight

  • Chanted

    #4 *deep creepy voice…"Natalie!!!"
    #5 'Nose job??… OBVIOUSLYYYY'

    AND Ron Jeremy….
    #12 "& my STD's were like… RAWR!"

  • Optimus_prime

    #7 Oh god, I have to fart but I don't know which way to lean.

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