Surprise Randomness (39 photos)

Well hello everyone from FB and Twitter! You were the first to find out about this Surprise Randomness today. You should probably tell all your friends to LIKE us on Facebook, too!
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • Lemon

    #10 hehe:)

    Also have a question when you want to submit pictures do we add the text ourself or do the BerryMasters do it?

  • nessa

    I said yes to #27 until I saw #28 =(

    • Laa

      hahaha me too!

  • Liz Lemon

    #20 Seems like a lot of work just to chow down….

    • edit

      Formal is wrong….

      • Wisti

        The informal is what I honestly though the formal was supposed to be…informal = paper plate + "forks are in that drawer"

  • kirinjirafa


  • heather

    #27 Immediately

  • kelsey

    #7 yep

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    #35: While 100% of plural words don't use an apostrophe to make them plural.

    • Chievtte


  • Meg

    Where can I get #17??

  • Michelle

    #27 – why yes, yes I would.

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #27 My boyfriend just had a heart attack, and gave a resounding YES.

  • RedRuby131

    #7 needs #27

  • VeryVee

    We do not have enough simply gorgeous doors like this in America. I wish we did.

  • Nat

    #15 #25 #34 #39 so cute!

  • Jen


  • Pepa

    #24 is it me or are the hands wrong??

    • Wisti

      I think it's two girls, not a girl and a guy:)

  • Sara

    #7 Not fair. Miley looks great! I'm a thin girl too, and I hate when people suggest I need to eat more. Some of us just happen to be naturally thin.

  • Emily

    #20 Thank you!!

  • doerteee


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