• Annoyed

    I'd be a lot more modivated to check out the chive and berry of your little banner ads disappeared behind the photos like it does with the big ad at the end of the photo blogs. Just sayin…

    • Annoyed

      Allow me to clarify, this happens on the mobile site.

  • http://navitabjj.blogspot.com Kaitlin

    I just want to thank theberry for the daily motivation. Every time I read it in the morning I go get my butt kicked in crossfit. For example I read it this morning, worked my butt off and threw up after crossfit (first time for me). I've gon through a year of hell with destroying my knee, needing surgery and 9months off of all working out. I from 128 lbs to nearly 150 lbs. I'm now down to 133 and my gap (thanks chive) is now reappearing!

    • ceej

      awesome! I'm getting back on the CF train today (!!) now that I'm settled after my move. let's get it!

      • Kaitlin

        Crossfit FTW!!

  • Celeste

    I ♥ Jenna Marbles!

  • socalmarti

    #15 and creates an oversexualized, misogynistic ideal that men drool over and women think they can't be loved unless they look like that! #16 reminds me of my Jr. Berrys!!!!!!

  • Coco

    #12 ❤ Jenna!

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