Organize your life (26 photos)


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  • Charlotte

    #15 I thought these were bracelets at first. I thought: who on earth owns that many of the same bracelets?
    Then I realizes they were napkin rings. -_-

  • @mizdictator

    I love this post! I am habitually messy and would like to change it in a cute and practical manner. This has given me some nice ideas. :]

  • Jenni

    I wish I had enough space to be this organized

  • ceej

    LOVE #1! found it here: :D

  • goose

    #21 does this looks messy and not organized to anyone else?

    • loretta vendetta

      considering they look like a guy's clothes, this is quite an impressive step up from leaving them on the floor!

  • SadeShadz

    Too neat!! >.<

  • LAskygurl

    do more of these please!!!!

  • M_13

    #25 Brilliant

  • Yusuf

    – Wow what a neat idea! Is the migazane a print migazane? Who will it be distributed to? I assume in terms of posting to the flickr group we should post the typical web-resolution files and then if you select our photos we would send you a high res version?Thanks,-S.

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