• Jeanne

    I am LOVING the neon trend!

  • Ashley

    Must find where I can get the bags from #3 and #9

    • jjj

      #9 Is definitely a Celine. I think it is a Boston Luggage Smile Face in calf leather, $255: http://www.aaaa-wholesale.com/celine-boston-lugga

      • Laa

        you are the greatest for finding all the links! thank you for your help!!

        • jjj

          Thank you! It can be LOTS of work, and many times to no avail when I don't find something…but I do really need it to keep me busy. I've also learned a lot, too! 😀

    • jjj

      I can't find the bag. It is so cute though!

      • Ashley

        Thank you!!!:)

  • Corvin


  • Jenni

    #16 love!

  • jazzberry

    Orange, the new black, I knew I loved orange for a reason… wow

  • Kelsey

    #10 .. Want those jeans!! <3<3

  • Samantha

    How do I find the dress she's wearing in #1?!? I love the color and open back!!

  • Sophia

    Looooooove #3 outfit!

  • ASDH

    Dying for the shoes😦 #20

  • Alexandra

    #10 absolutely my favorite!:)

  • Megan_

    #14 Favorite!!

  • Jen

    i ordered a pair of neon yellow shoes from delias yesterday. i cant wait!!!

  • Ashley

    i want #28 bad

  • Modanhoney

    where can I find #6 the neon cork shoes?

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