• chipsnhow

    Most of these r some of my favorite movies- I kno what ill b doing this weekend.

  • http://neiljou.com/ Muiau

    theBERRY is delicious. Do not attempt to swallow your computer. theBERRY does not lose it's flavor like most chewing gums. theBERRY rules.

  • April C.

    #8 Freaking Creepy #24 One of the best chick movies EVER!

    • RedSplash

      What movie is #24?? I saw it a long time ago but cant remember what its called for the life of me!

      • haeddre

        The Sweetest Thing great movie

  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #7 He killed him Gilbert!
    LOVED this post.:)

  • SadeShadz

    #32 Funny!!!!
    #37 Always ♥

    • Lisa

      ALWAYS! Love that HP fans know the significance behind that one little word.❤

      • Mia

        Ikr!!! Oh Snape…❤

  • Dana Littlerose

    Yay for Forgetting Sarah Marshall:)

  • Liz Lemon

    I love most of these movies.. so far, I'm the only one I know that did NOT like #1… I thought it was going to be really good… but… it just wasn't.

    • me2

      I rented it expecting to love it and turned it off after about 45 minutes. So disappointed.

  • jesca84

    #17 what movie is this…. and #26 is my husband's favorite movie

    • justlilolme

      Mean Girls

  • Greg

    #9 Did Emma Thompson ever look more beautiful than in "Much Ado"?

    • haeddre

      The ending of Nanny McPhee 1 and 2 she was gorgeous… especially the ending of #1

  • 1morecupcake

    #8 Isn't this supposed to move? I've seen this move

  • Steve

    I never realized that Ariel's feet were so manish.

  • Alisha

    #19 Favorite movie ever!! #30 a very close second

  • CCC

    Haven't watched this is soo long!

  • Lisa

    #7 Omg total tearjerker of a movie. Definitely want to watch it again!! #16 MATILDA!!! Used to looooove this movie when I was a kid! I wanted Miss Honey as my teacher so bad, haha.

  • SugarSkull

    So many awesome movies! I need a movie night bad!

  • Cher

    What movie is 26?

    • haeddre

      Office Space

  • Tara

    #9 Much Ado About Nothing! <3<3<3<3

  • Catzb

    Loved all the movies..is it bad though that i don't like #34 -__-

    • haeddre

      Not bad… different strokes for different folks. I like it because it's about being comfortable with who you are and accepting your "flaws" because they are only flaws to other people, to you they could be your favorite thing..

  • Andrea

    #3 miss himmmm

  • Candles

    #28 So much love for The Parent Trap

  • M_13

    #27 What movie is this?

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