• Chivettest

    I believe about half of these are actual before and afters. Most look like two completely different rooms and not remodeled ones.

    • jjj

      No. I was an Interior Designer. The angles of the pictures are different and quite a few of them have a lot of demo. Changing the ceiling height/slant is a great way to open up a space. I bet most of these renos were pretty pricey with all that work unless the person was or knew a contractor.

      I like a lot of them.😀
      Well done!

    • Liz Lemon

      I've photographed a lot of before and afters for stuff like this… they look so much different because it's really all about the angles. Also, taking the picture from higher up can make the entire space look totally different. These are some great remodels.

  • Maile


  • Jenni

    I like most of the befores better than the afters

  • Littlet

    #15 Can tell this is a craft room – love it!

  • Nat

    I love before and afters! They demonstrate wonderfully how something plain or broken can be turned into something beautiful.

  • Neztra

    #15 I want stairs in my house just so I can do something funky like the cool gradient pink in this pic. *sigh*

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