Afternoon eye candy: Enrique Iglesias (29 photos)

Y'all VOTED, Enrique won!

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  • BritBerrier

    I liked his old music…but his song 'tonight i'm f*cking you' is possibly the hottest thing ever.

  • Jamie

    esta hermoso

  • LoBugg

    #3 damn!:) I love men's backs.

  • DeAnna

    #3…nono, #18….no no no…#1, yep that's the one😀

  • Sal

    Yay! He's sexy and he knows it:)

  • CCC

    So. Good. Looking.

  • Sabrina

    Swoon!…Thanks Berry😀

  • me2


  • samanthalin88

    I never thought he was attractive…until i saw this megapost. My mind is changed.

  • MaraRue

    This was BUENO. Gracias Berry. Muchas gracias Enrique…..

  • Carly

    #22 oh the unforgivable things I would do….

  • Mandy

    Thanks Berry! I LOVE Enrique!!:) #26

  • @shibsta

    #11 SUCH a hottie. Thank you Berry…. so so much!


    He looks gorgeous in every single photo❤

  • Lisa

    Aw I was hoping to see a pic from when he was on HIMYM! That was super funny. Great post anyways!! He's gorgeous!

  • rocklesson86

    The things I would do to that man if he was my Latin lover.

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