• Megan_

    Thats it… I'm getting a second job.

  • Corvin

    #11 — I wouldn't even put coffee in it.. it'd just be my new accessory haha.
    #13 — Looove!

  • tangeria

    #3 is beautiful, but how do you sit in a chair with a back? =)

    • Chivettest


    • jjj

      Does it really matter?

  • Chivettest

    #7 Shut up and take my money

  • SadeShadz

    #18 Funky… I like!

  • Jamie

    #27 need.. Just gorgeous!

  • Sarah

    #5 – These are GORGEOUS!

  • EnnBee

    All I can think is that #3 must have been so cold when first put on

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