• Faraday

    #16 uber helpful! thanks!

    • jjj

      I have one from a magazine article in black and white. I framed it in a beautiful zebra wood frame and hung it in the closet. Good job Chivettes!

  • http://www.chicagosportsbynumbers.com Bob

    As much as these posts seem to indicate, we can't ALWAYS wear suits and ties, ladies! But for what it's worth, I personally love how I look in a suit (or suit jacket)

  • BritBerrier

    I'd rather these models wore me.

  • Chivettest

    Yep. Still should be called "Stuff I'm Glad My Boyfriend Doesn't Wear"

    • carlos

      Apparently lookin like a English Proffessor is the new Fad…

  • emm

    #28 I love a good henley shirt on a guy! #11 and there's something about a guy with a beard and a plaid shirt… Gosh I'm so Canadian…

  • tomato

    and from the girl's perspective, so it's easy to fix up our guy😉

  • Beach Krusty

    So I don't need to tell you gals how much nice dress shoes for men cost, right? It's not like we don't want to wear nice shoes, it's just that $300-400 buys could buy a lifetime of flip flops and clown shoes from the Shoe Warehouse.

    • emm

      Women would rather see a guy invest in a great pair of shoes that will last years rather then smelly flip flops that last one summer.. and clown shoes..? kill me now.

  • jjj

    #5 Gorgeous, but needs a neck shave! ALL GUYS, remember to neck shave!..(the nape of the neck just beneath and up to the fullness of the hair.) 😀

  • TommyB

    Taking quick poll:
    Women? Bow tie: cute? Sexy? Nerdy? Meh? What say you all?

  • shewentwhoa

    I rather have my husbands Army uniform…😉

  • Whitney

    I bought my boyfriend 7 jeans he was not impressed he said they might be good to wear to the shooting range lol

  • carlos

    Appropriate attire for 72° …I live in South Texas, nice clothes but cmon, it gets to 108° here…lol

  • brucie

    #13 are really hot right now, the double monk a awesome looking shoes
    #28 are suck comfortable shirts and more manly then a Vneck

  • brucie

    sorry meant such instead of suck

  • rocklesson86

    Nice post. Saw a guy with the cuffed pants. It looked good.

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