• Taryn

    Adam Ellis!! His comics are full of the lolz. Booksofadam.com gooo

  • me2

    #32 I wanna squeeze those baby cheeks! :)

  • Moar

    Was hard for me to get past #25 I think Jensen should get his own post sooo beautiful/sexy😀

  • LEL

    #40 mmmm Adam Senn… My fave male model… *swoons*
    #14 love it!

  • jjj

    #20 Girl on a swing necklace: http://www.markheddesign.com/store/show/MK-PIN04
    Not available until end of July 2012.

  • Alexandra

    Can we please have a Jared and Jensen mega post!!

  • kait

    woohoo I made the berry!! that has made my day!!!
    I did #33..
    It was pretty easy to do and everyone loved it. I used a foundation sponge but think I should use something more sponge like next time.

    • miki

      nobody asked

  • kait

    #32 is tooooooo cute!!!

  • Amy

    I love #6

  • Donnie

    #27 good googly moogly, what a nice lookin samich. yummy.

  • PowerFan44

    #33 You so did NOT nail it. You used colors that were too far apart in tonal values. FAIL

  • Amanda

    #34 Awesome!!

  • Aurora

    #25 Misha and Jared, 5 yr olds allowed on stage xD

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