• kelly

    thank you for putting same sex couples on this, love is not bound by gender❤

  • Megan

    #23 Cute!

  • Liz Lemon

    ♥♥Love ALL the pictures♥♥
    Happy Couples make me happy.
    My husband and I always get made fun of because we love each other so much, but, isn't that how it should be?:)

  • aust[RALIA]

    #6 Thank you so much for posting this photo of my bro and his boyfriend, honestly it means the world the WORLD, especially knowing that there are so many berries in support of equality!
    Much love from a Sydney Berry!

    • Elisa

      this is the sweetest pic ever! love knows no bounds!

  • Yellow Star

    love #6 and #23!!!😀 and love the ewok costume #26!!!!

  • cvmerritt

    #20 People like you make the world a better place

  • samanthalin88

    #11 is ADORABLE. Also, thanks berry for showing posting some interracial couples and gay couples! Way to go!!

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