• misschris

    Zooey is so. darn. LOVELY! With her perfect perfect face…. :-)

  • jami

    such a funny show! can't wait for season two!

  • J.R.

    Play Shake Rattle and Roll!

  • Lisa

    YAY!!! Hey, does anybody else think their bathroom on the show is totally weird, or is that actually a thing in some places?? The whole stall with a toilet in it, two urinals and two sinks? Strange to me!! Also, Zooey looked SO adorable in the red and blue romper in this video!!

  • JOHN

    Schmidt is the best character and it pissed me off how he wussed out on Cece. What an irritating character development

    • Lisa

      I agree x1000. Hopefully he gets it together because I love him too much for him to be such a wimp.

  • Hepburn3

    I really love this show!
    It was such a pleasant surprise and a fun comedy!
    i am stoked for season 2!:)

  • AMRD

    Jake has the loveliest smile and I'm glad all the characters will be back for season 2.

  • Kengatheran

    That is one of those things that I’m a bit amenlavbit about. What I don’t know not being from Atlanta is what the crime rate is in the area where the grandfather lives (presuming he lives near or with the grandchildren). If he has the guns in the house for home defense, there is always a chance that in the time it takes to unlock a gun-safe/gun-lock home invaders could reach and overcome him, so he stores the guns unlocked with the clips out but nearby. The local crime rate may also have an impact on why the boys wanted to take their grandfathers’ guns with them. Have they been robbed or attacked in the past? No word on that either at this point. Do the boys need to be taught better? of course! Reading the comments on the news webpage, some of the respondents are already acting as if these boys, one just a 10-year-old, need to be beaten and locked up. I know growing up that if my father had caught my brothers and myself handling his pistols (which we did and he kept them unloaded with the ammo somewhere else) he would have whupped us and confined us to our rooms. But without knowing more about the situation I cannot immediately fault the grandfather for not locking his guns. If he and/or the boys father don’t whup them good for what they did, I would fault them.

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