• hottimasprime

    How did I miss #8 that's gonna keep me smiling all weekend!

    • bla

      this is what dumb american parents feed their kids and then they freak out when the kids freak out , and sue the company. that girl looks like she had a couple glasses before….

  • https://twitter.com/DanaShades Dana Littlerose

    You tried drinking from a bowl? You might not need a cup, but damn, at least have a straw. Or maybe 5 of them. More straws more fun.

    • Bearpress

      That's Hanna Hart, right? She's got a hilarious show on youtube called "My Drunk Kitchen", I think she's funny. Check it out, maybe? ^_^

  • Kal

    #33 #44 #55 Whoa…did it just get hot in here?😉

  • forgottenart

    #14 awwww, the only time duckface is acceptable:)

    • MissKay

      Isnt she just adorable?? Makes me want a little girl:)

  • Lisa

    #61, #46, #44…thank you all very much. Soldiers and firefighters get extra stars. :)

    #38 Congratulations! I'm coming up on 10 years clear myself! You got it down hun. 😉

    And #26 is 100% true. Over-thinking will get you no where. {sigh}

  • peach10964

    I need the link to the instructions #22 is talking about! I don't know how I missed it but I wanna do it too!!!

  • B-KKCO

    I could probably stare at 61 alllllll day

  • Vicki

    #55 can be my doctor any day!

  • kem

    People i'm jealous of for 100 Alex. #28

    Hmm… I would definitely take this doctor.

    • kem


  • Sarahgali

    #41 who is this?

    • Jaz

      Dermot Mulroney? Maybe. I think.

  • Les

    #5 just saved my day *sigh*

  • Emnija

    I feel like #33 should send in pictures of him ripping his suit off. He doesn't necessarily need the super hero suit on under it, either…

  • nikki

    oh honey! #55 what is your name and number?!😉

  • vikkie

    #5 Omg❤

  • Carly

    #44 MOAR

  • Bobbi_1025

    #30 my 5 year old and her bestie in the bathtub:)

  • Jen

    Anyone know where #9 or #60 is? Tks!

  • chloe

    #28 338 #42 make me so happy:)

  • CrimsonTin


  • Karen

    #20 hot hot hot. He looks like my ex boyfriend with his sexy dimples.

  • Claire

    #8 you're doing it right

  • kaitlin


    call me maybe?

  • Katie

    #51 is hilarious

  • Donnie


  • Donnie

    #46 AWESOME. I LOVE seeing someone taking care of the poor animals that have been lost or abandoned or worse. I don't like when people are mean to animals….children & the elderly.

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