• Chubby

    #1 Where are her muscles to do that?

  • April C.

    Probably core and arms.

    • Megan

      (I think Chubby was referring to her skinny-looking arms)

  • Megan

    Does Nike now sponsor the Daily Motivation? Awful lot of swooshes seen here lately. Usually a site will try their best not to show any brand names unless they are paying to advertise….

    • SZY

      The thing with Nike is that they have the best advertising to begin with in the industry. They know motivational material sells great, so it just so happens that a lot of it ends up here (I'm guessing)

  • jjj

    I do love the Daily Motivation! Thank you Berry!

  • http://twitter.com/layalis_closet @layalis_closet

    I need that recipe! #9 looks delicious.


      Honestly looks like lettuce, chopping block chicken and cucmbers! Why not just be creative and make your own and feel even better about your own makings! Those are the best chefs!

  • Chiver

    #18 has talent

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