• Katy

    Readers from outside the US gave an internal "huh?" to half of these.

    • jimbob

      Believe it or not, the rest of the world does exist and we do know what the stuff is. We had more than sticks to play with.
      love from Australia

      • SadeShadz

        Overreacting much?

      • Sarah

        LOL. Funny.

      • Der

        Then submit pics!

      • Katy

        I am more than slightly aware of world outside of the US given I live in it! I have no idea what a lot of those posts are – hence my comment. You want to tell me what they are while I go play with my hoop and stick?

        • Katy

          PS Love from UK

    • Lulu

      I'm from the US and I didn't know what half of these were. You really need to relax.

  • Soda Pop

    #7…..who the fuck are they?

    • Tara

      Justine and Jason Bateman.

      • tomato

        man, he definitely grew into his looks.

      • Soda Pop


        • jjj

          IMDB.com is the place to find out.
          Justine Bateman was in "Family Ties", a TV show in the 80s with Michael J. Fox. She is doing some work now on various TV shows again.
          Her BROTHER is Jason Bateman who is EVERYWHERE now. "Arrested Development" TV show and the movie "Horrible Bosses".
          Weird to see them together and so YOUNG!

  • Jenni

    I am doing a laugh because I am to young for most of these! Muhahahaha. #32 was/is my favorite poet. #33 I loved!

  • nightlock

    #32 scary stories to tell in the dark is the reason i never slept at slumber parties

    • Lisa H.

      Truth! And the illustrations in those books were f'ing terrifying!

  • misslyon

    #19 Alpine bar! Favorite candy bar ever; I was lamenting its loss Friday at the grocery store haha.

  • Kisxxoo

    #25 is the best!!! mmmmmmm

    • jjj

      They still make these! Aren't they called "Circus Peanuts"?

      • Kisxxoo

        i know i stock up every time i see them. Just dont drink them with warm pop….you will look like a rabid dog lol

    • Plurp

      And I thought I was the only person who liked these.

  • Maple

    Either Urkel is really light and defies gravity or we are being fooled here…

  • JessiM

    #11 I still have this guy:) He was my favorite "teddy" when I was little..I could never get rid of him

    • kate

      I have mine also!

      • misslyon

        I had the mint and coral one with dolphins in the nose for the longest time!

    • cayers

      I had the popcorn one!

  • Sarah

    #10 – I had a million of these.
    #13 – I liked this game.
    #32 – I had every one of the Shel Silverstein books

  • Katie

    #33 Was one of my favorite toys!!!

  • rachel

    #33 reminds me of blow pens!

  • Lisa H.

    #21 and #24 YES YES and MORE YES!!!

  • Memory Lane

    #14 Whenever I see 'My Little Pony' I always think of Apocalypse Pony thanks to Robot Chicken!

  • Franklin1138

    #6 was perfectly in time with the "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" in my head.

  • ander

    #28 I'm sorry but they were ugly babies, tolerable children and now hideous as adults!

  • Tom

    I had a hard enough time beating Perfection, much less this damn version!!!

    • Brit

      I can still remember the childhood anxiety as that timer ticked down the seconds and you knew it was going to pop up and scare the bejeezus out of you!

  • brandon

    #12 the original wii fit…

  • Alex

    #25 those were so good…

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #31 #32 were the best! omg! ebay/amazon here i go!

  • Shiftycap1

    #23 I've modeled my adult life after Blades of Steel. That and California Games……

  • Sareth

    #11 What was this guy called? I've been trying to find one for years. Anybody know of a place where I can get one?

  • Andrea

    #12 still have mine

    #23 looks like my room

    #33 i took mine apart and just got black shit everywhere.

  • Bob

    #15…Loved these mother fuckers. They rule.

  • Mr_BRB

    #1 I had one of those. Fun for about 10 minutes.

  • Joe

    I have a scar on my upper lip thanks to that hunk of dog crap.

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