• Sarah

    #16 – Well thank you. Please return more favors more often. Like all the time. Every day.

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #4 One of the best commercials ever made.

    • bit312

      Agreed. I ran a half marathon in Chicago on Halloween and some dude dressed up as this guy, hand weights and all! He looked just like him, it was hilarious!

  • Courtney

    #4 hilarious! I love that commercial

  • Megan

    #2 leaves*

    • Just a guy

      Oh Megan…my sort of woman…made me smile that someone else noticed that too!!

  • Claudia

    Please do not ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, evar stop these posts!
    I wasn't feeling like working out today. Saw the post during breakfast and did an hour on the treadmill. Thanks berry!

    • Brit

      I agree, I love them. It's a healthy sort of motivation too, not like "be skinny like these photo-shopped models", but moreso "be happy, healthy and the best you that you can be." I look for these posts first thing every morning to help start my day off on the right foot.:)

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