• hottimasprime

    #5 want!

  • cookie

    #33 kinda cool….

    • EnnBee

      They are cool, but from a distance you would look like you had such scabby, manky knees

  • hatershater

    lady gaga's runway show

  • Hollygoyle

    I think #5 and #6 would make a kick-ass combination.

  • Jenny Michele

    First thought: WHEE!! I'm a tampon! =/

    • Jenny Michele

      Err.. referring to #10

  • SadeShadz

    #14 Monster Incorporation Fashion.

  • Jenni

    #20 mmmmm fries lol

  • vmalnd

    lol #4 reminds me of a fleshlight

  • tangeria

    #31 She Ra, Princess of Power!

  • BritBerrier

    #5 are awesome!!!

  • Maile


  • http://screwcable.com/morning-links-with-princess-eugenie/ Morning Links With Princess Eugenie | Screw Cable

    […] These are things where you’ve gotta ask: Do you plan on wearing that out in public? (The Berry) […]

  • Katie

    So being a model isn't all it's cracked up to be lol

  • Beck

    so #10 must be for a tampon commercial
    and #11 is the outcome after the tampon is used?

  • Beck

    #14 the new ya gabba gabba character

  • Beck

    someopne should have told this lady all the unicorn spots have been filled in Kesh'a Blow video

  • Beck

    bet slim goodbody is missing some socks

    • Lisa H.

      HA! Sweet reference!! That show was creepy as f*ck, though!

  • Lisa H.

    Actually lol'ed really hard at #14.

  • http://www.prettypennymarketing.com songbirdsong

    I don't think the shoes in #3 are that bad. They certainly look they'd be easier to walk in than some of the other stuff I've seen.

  • takirah

    #14 "they said i could be anything……i became an eye ball"

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