• Tara B

    How do you make #8? It looks more like something you buy….

    • mathgeek

      Google "tissue paper pom-poms". Super easy and lots of ways to vary them.:)

    • jjj

      I saw a kit for sale that was by Martha Stewart, but they were all white. It was at a craft store.

    • jjj

      I thought I short-changed you with my answer and looked further:
      etsy.com shop PartyPoms sells kits and this picture is shown. HOWEVER it is a 40 pom kit for $120 plus you have to assemble them. http://www.etsy.com/listing/62444088/sale-40-poms
      You can look at some of their other products that may suit your needs.

  • Liz

    to tara b

    I've seen things like these before. It's just styrofoam balls in the middle, with tissue paper cut into petal shapes, gathered in the middle of the paper, bunched together, and glued on. It looks so full because someone took the time and patience to put the bunches close together to get a full and fluffy look.

    hope that helps! :)

  • SadeShadz

    #14 Love!

  • Sarah

    These are my favorite posts on theBERRY, hands down. Aslo, I've been drooling over #12 for over a year now. I have the plans and everything. I just never sew, so aside from the fact that it would probably turn out awfully thanks to my inexperience, I actually would have to go and buy fabric scraps… which seems silly.

    • jjj

      Don't sell yourself short! I know that Joann Fabric has packets of small bundles of various fabrics for quilters. They don't cost very much per pack. If there is a fabric store in your area, maybe you could have them save scraps from a sewing class.
      I think it would be a cute project, and you can always rip out and start over on a piece.
      Good luck! I know you can do it!!😀

  • Ash

    I wish you guys would post more how-to's instead of just posting the finished products of random crafts…

  • B.elle

    I love these craft posts here on the Berry but I thought I might as well mention a craft DIY site where it links to personal blogs! It's called craftgawker.com

  • Meggles

    I hate to be a hater… but why is putting a label on a bag considered "crafty"?

    • May

      They're homemade gift bags.

  • Lisa H.

    Uggggghhh I'm so uncoordinated and clumsy that as much as I love so many of these, I doubt I'd be able to make any of them!!

  • heather

    #8 i need this for my room!❤

    Source anyone?

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