• dude

    #17 they are handsome

  • Jadeus

    #18 … i owe my life to these boys their music helped me get through so much and i finally got to see them live 2 years ago and it was the best present i could have asked for… i just wished i'd stayed behind to thank them but i was so caught up in pinching myself to check i wasn't dreaming😛 maybe another time….

  • mcneilj

    #8 thank you for this!!!

  • mari

    ^_^ #10 & #17

  • Mani

    #3 ooo yes

  • Mani

    #5 even more yes

  • EverydayImShufflin

    Who are #8 and #13?

    • Aviatrix

      Hanson brothers and Ben and Fred Savage.

  • Kari

    Hanson made the list. Talk about nostalgia! YES.:)

  • http://twitter.com/ANNAOMGZ @ANNAOMGZ

    More Chris Evans please!😀

  • rocklesson86

    #15 #3 fucking hot and fuckable.

  • Aviatrix

    #9 Their other brother is hot too. Check him out in Whip It.

  • Yasmina

    i love this post! not only is it crazy funny, but the question of what the narute of the race card is, is the most profound question anyone has asked during this election season. Everyone keeps throwing the term around like we all know what it is, but no one ever explains what it means. Thank you for asking the question and proceeding to show us the multiple ways it’s been used. The race card reminds white people that they are human, that they are racists. It calls them out. Hillary, Shoat Arms, and every Right Wing pundit has been using the race card to imply Obama’s unfitness to govern, to designate his blackness. White people love to use the race card .except they like to call it politics.And you’re right again: conservatives are serious celebrity dickriders! Reagan was an actual star and W. was behaving like a Hilton before Paris was born.

  • Novalee531

    #7 I'm sorry but Kevin Dillon is Hideous.

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