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    # 30

    Ummmm…. ummm… I kind of forgot what ummm… where was I?

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  • dkellyb

    #32 is wrong:\

    • jjj

      OK. Post your chart, please.

      • dkellyb

        Weight is not the same as mass. Mass is measured in lbs/kgs, weight is the force on the mass as a result of gravity… If you want to compare "weights" on earth with that on other places, you should at least use the term right, after all that's basic (highschool) physics.

        • jjj

          OK. Post your chart, please.

          • dkellyb

            50lbs on earth = 50lbs everywhere else
            60lbs on earth = 60lbs everywhere else
            70lbs on earth = 70lbs everywhere else
            80lbs on earth = 80lbs everywhere else
            … I'm sure you get the point.

  • Heather

    The woman responsible for this needs to be my new best friend.

  • lalexgeorge

    #17 My Coco:)

    • jjj

      Good Coco!

  • Bella Meka

    #26 Hello!

    #36 That rocks!

  • Soda Pop

    #8 for the win…..

  • Hgrow

    #5 I need to know where this is!! Want to go so bad!
    And #30 ummmm well that is just delightful. Completely lost myself looking at him.

    • projectskinnyjeans2012

      Looks like the white cliffs of Dover. Don't make me sing the song though lol

    • WallyBets

      It's just down the road from me, it is called The Seven Sisters (there are seven cliffs) and that's beachy head light house you can see. It is lovely there, and the South Downs behind it are beautiful too. Google search Beachy Head, East Sussex, England.

  • Stephanie

    #30 Holy crap. I have to stare a while.

  • tomato

    #28 what is this from? So cute:)

    • Lisa

      Looks like it happened during a live soccer match, one that Russia was involved in because that's the flag on his face.

      • Mch

        It was a couple of days ago during a soccer match of the European Championship, which is over by sunday. Russia is not in the game anymore.

  • SadeShadz

    #36 Her crafty side is awesome.

  • emm

    #5 white cliffs of Dover!!❤ this makes me so homesick but so happy at the same time!

    • WallyBets

      Lol, Dover is in Kent and has a massive port attached, this is The Seven Sisters in East Sussex, with Beachy Head light house and, in the distance, Belle Toutnlight house. You must have been away too long!!

  • MrsRRamsey

    #13 Where do I find this cutting board? I have a family of foodies, I'm thinking Christmas or Birthday gifts!

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #3 is absolutely adorable. I basically made the meme crying face.
    #14 is beautiful. I need to learn how to do things like that.

  • Lisa

    #25 I love him.

  • skyfireCO

    #19 is such a great story.. and I WILL replicate #36

  • halkyrie

    #19 ultimate weaknesses of mine! aaah. and #28 uuuugh, so cute.

  • Liz_O

    #19 Aww… that story made me cry the first time I saw it. Glad they could get a wounded soldier his friend back to him.
    #36 Those are full of awesome.😄

  • hayley

    #35 made my day

  • zpadilla

    #12 im going there in September!!! SO PUMPED!

    • MrsRRamsey

      Where is this? So tranquil.

      • jjj

        Can you say "flash flood"? Tranquil, my butt.

        • MrsRRamsey

          I guess if there was a freak flood there would be nowhere to go but up. I would assume that watching the forecast, with today's technology, would be sufficient enough to warn against potential tropical storm surges, tsunami's, or flash flood's, (depending on location of course). Just a hunch though. =-)


    Oh BERRY you so PRETTY!

  • LAskygurl

    HOLY. SH*T. #30 that body….. what was I saying?

  • shantaya

    Need more of #30!

  • Suz129

    #16 – Like a GLOVE!

  • Christine

    What's the story behind #19?

  • maridia


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