• Jenni

    #7 is my fav! Plain and I love it!

  • tomato

    these are cute, but #12 is trashy

  • misschris

    #6 and #7 Love is not even the word for these! I must have that lovely dress!

  • katy

    thank you for including #3 – it's nice to see a shapely girl featured here instead of the usual stick thin women.

  • LAskygurl

    #24 is cute:)

  • Julia

    #3 Love the inclusion of a woman with some meat on her bones!

  • Blake

    love the bag in #5 does anyone recognize it??

  • katherine

    So refreshing to see a girl who isnt skinny.
    And she looks beautifullll!

  • tumulahmed

    nice and fashionable girl with beautiful dresses looks very nice

  • Sydnee

    I NEED to know where to get #24!!!

  • Smile

    Hi I am just practicing with a first wetsibe and have used this code (thanks) and it works great except I get the same code error as Eilia and Israel when one first goes into the Members page (when no filter is applied to the search). Did you resolve this? I don’t get the error anywhere else, and I don’t care about it on that filter, as such, but obviously as a novice I have no clue how to remove the error message. Hope you can spare 5 mins to help. thanks

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