• Nikki

    Who is #8?

    • Grace

      Nicole Scherzinger

  • Zuke

    GAH, stop screwing with your faces! Just leave em' alone…leave em alone!

    Plus, successful plastic surgery ends up cheating genetics, man. When whoever they have kids with sees them pop out what looks like a miniature golum, there's gonna be some 'splainin to do. The question is, do they then admit they were once hideous, or do they just pretend they cheated with a really ugly dude, take the heat for that and keep their secret safe?

  • Lex

    #19 Oh. My. God. Throw her into the wild where she belongs.

  • more...

    they will look? bad when done i hate fake.

  • thomasstrome

    Yikes! They would've just stayed with a more natural approach rather than being obsessed with cosmetic surgery. Get the best chemical skin peel.

  • Tiffany

    Number 9 is not Lady Gaga….just saying…the before is a drag performer…..look up your sources, beyotch…..

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