Somedays are just FLAT days (26 photos)


Yay for Flats!

Click HERE for more shoes!


Megan Resig

Megan Resig is Head of theBERRY, loves to travel, embraces awkward moments, and appreciates anything that has to do female empowerment. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • Corvin

    Know where to find #11 anyone?

    • Tanya

      Agreed…super cute, really want these!!

    • jjj

      I can't find them. I've been looking a while.
      I love them…if anyone finds, please let me know.

    • jjj

      I am obsessed with finding these. I did find something close in patent leather, but not the same colors on ebay:

    • jjj

      I am obsessed with finding these #11. I did find something close in patent leather, but not the same colors on ebay:

  • Emi

    Oh so many pretty things but none that I could wear. I love that flats have become so popular in responce of the once traditional high heel but for us flatfoot beauties, is it hard to believe that I would take a 4" heel over a flat that has no arch support. :(

    • halkyrie

      I would choose flats for my flat feet over heels, any day! each to their own :) do inserts help at all for you?

    • jjj

      I wear flats with an insert and it really helps. I can't wear heels anymore. I use the Dr. Scholl's ones where they test you to see what insert you need. They were $50, but money well spent IMHO.

  • Sade

    #3 #11 I LOVE! :D

  • misschris

    #22 Such a cute, chic outfit!

  • Emily

    #9 anyone know what brand that is? Can only make out the TSH myself. :/

    • jjj

      I can't tell….I looked for black lace ballet flats and the closest I could find was on by Chinese Laundry item #192757 for $59.95. They are also at
      I tried to look up the mark on the bottom, but I couldn't find anything. Anyone else having any luck?

  • Samantha

    yay!! more flats!!! I never wear heels so pretty flats are the girly counterparts to my usual Chuck Taylors :)

  • Sarah

    #1 – BUY ALL THE COLORS!!!!

    Also, I ADORE #11. Beautiful. And thank you theBERRY, for posting about flats! I love Hump Day Heel Day, but I wear WAY more flats than heels, considering I'm super tall and don't need to be taller ever, haha.

  • Candy

    #9 so pretty!

  • diamante

    #19 WANT
    #3 my mom has them haha

  • Claire

    Tory Burch, y u no make affordable flats? #24

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