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  • Cassy


    London, cause I spent a year there and am head over heals in love with the city.
    Sydney, because my biggest dream is to spend a few months exploring Australia.
    Rome, because I teach history and I'd love to touch what I've spent years talking about…

  • Corvin

    #15 — London, Paris, Sydney!

  • Lisa

    #15 for me it'd be London, Athens and Sydney. All dream destinations of mine. <3

  • Chica

    #15 What about Tokyo?

  • doerteee

    #15 vegas, seattle, budapest :)

  • Erin

    Venice, Athens and San Francisco. In any order! I'd love to see Thailand as well. :) love daydreaming about traveling.

  • Annonymouse75

    #15 Vegas, NYC, Paris

    #39 Oh yes please….He is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  • April C.

    #27 What's this from? #15, Paris, Venice, Rome

  • janedoe

    #15 Athens, Venice and Beijing. San Francisco is amazing and as someone who lives just outside it, recommend a visit to anyone outside California.

  • kelsey

    paris, sydney, and athens

  • SimChick

    #15 – London, Sydney, LA <3

  • circleofcreation

    #15… Sydney, London and Beijing. But I would love to visit Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Auckland and Brisbane as well.

  • kirinjirafa

    #15 london venice and sydney #36 i wanna make that!

  • Courtney

    #15 so hard to choose!!!
    San Francisco

    I pushed through

  • Mandy

    #15. London for the history. Venice for the soul. Vegas for the win.;)

  • Kat

    #26 well that was short lived!! Miami heat <3

  • sib

    Paris, London, Venice!

  • madamecursorla

    #15 London, Beijing, Rome

  • Meghan

    #39 Shemar Moore is a God!!!!

  • belen

    #15 i would choose ny, london and paris!

  • @TheLittoPeanut

    #15 San Francisco, Rome, NY

  • Karri

    #15 London, Sydney and Rome

  • Mch

    #15 I'm from Amsterdam and it's so lovely, I you can look behind the stereotipes of the prostitution and the weed.. It gives so much more! Also, Paris, Venice, Budapest and Berlin are beautuful!

    So berries: if you even want to visit Amsterdam and get a tour of a Dutch born girl, let me know ;)

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