• Andrea

    #17 There is a VERY short list of the things I wouldn't do to get to that man….

  • Theresia

    #7 Um.. is that KEVIN NASH in the back there??

  • cookie

    #16 #17 #27 CANNOT STOP STARING!!!!! *drools*

  • Neztra

    #17 Brain… not… working… I think I blew a fuse. oof.

  • Keira

    Berry. I LOVE YOU. I just…YUM. #17 I literally started drooling….

  • http://massage-toulouse.fr/ Arlette

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  • DROOL!

    #27 My werewolf. MMM.

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #26 #13 #6 hello… Im in love

  • Donnie


  • Donnie

    i am laughing so hard on some of these comments. See what fine men do to us. Sheesh! I want one!

  • ShaHiROHara

    #17 I would set myself on fire if I thought he would be the one that would show up to put it out. FTW!

  • rocklesson86

    Dam this movie was good and all of the guys were hot except one.

  • Priti

    I bought some snack sized 100 Grand bars for the candy coraduln. I ate one and realized I had forgotten HOW FUCKING AWESOME they are!Have a great party, toots! I asked Becky to tell you how sad and jealous I am that I won’t be there! I have two other annual out of town trips in October so it’s hard. Someday!

  • SS91

    i bookmarked this page….for future reference.

  • Alfred

    And you complain when I look at attractive women online?

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