• Kristi

    #11 my boy!!:)

    • jjj

      Beautiful baby! and happy!

  • dakari84

    #20 Awesome hair. Just . . . awesome.

  • jjj

    Berrys have beautiful kids!😀

  • samanthalin88

    #30. so precious!

  • BeeGirl

    #21 – I am sorry, but I dont get the Chest Tattoo trend…that looks horrible. Way to ruin your body. Yuck.

    • Angel

      Rude. Just rude don't get rude comments for no reason.

    • Theresia

      Luckily, you can choose to not get one! Yay!!

    • MrsCollins

      Coming from somebody that probably has a lower back tattoo or even YOLO. Thanks for the opinion, dear.

  • Lindseyblossom

    #29 most beautiful thing I have ever seen ^_^

  • Leigh

    Beautiful babies and so many precious photos!

  • Sarah

    I made it through almost the whole piece without saying anything. And then this one: #29. OH. MY. GOD. Beautiful. Followed by #30, and I just said out loud, "Oh wow, this is so adorable."

  • Elisa

    you finally posted my baby!!! Thanks Berry!!! #13

  • Ashley

    #19 #20 How stinking cute! Love my babies.

  • Ashley

    #19 #18
    How stinking cute! Love my babies.

  • lease

    #25 is awesome lol

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