Top females the media loves to hate on (19 photos)

Any Berries want to show some love? (Megan Fox Above)

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  • LoBugg

    #9 I love her.
    #13 I thought she fell off the face of the earth lol.

  • Crystal

    #1 what's not to love?

  • Lizzy

    I like Megan. I enjoyed the hell out of Jennifer's Body, mostly because of her performance. I really don't understand what she did that offended so many people, other than call Michael Bay out on being a pig. But, that was probably enough I guess.

    I started feeling bad for Paris Hilton right around the time Sarah Silverman was so nasty to her during that awards show, and the camera panned to her and she was trying not to cry. It wasn't funny at all, and now I hate Sarah Silverman instead of Paris.

    The media probably wouldn't hate on LIndsay so much if she weren't always like, driving over babies and then getting a slap on the wrist from the judge and a cocaine gift bag on the way out the door.

    • Laa

      I agree with what you had to say about Megan.
      Didn't know about Sarah Silverman thing, although I do not like that Paris Hilton.
      Lindsay Lohan…god help that poor little soul. I think she's a decent actress, although not such a good role model…

  • Joanne

    I actually know a couple people who met Megan Fox when she flew out to the USS Reagan and apparently she's an arrogant bitch that doesn't look very good without 5 pounds of makeup. If your not cool with a fellow sailor, you're not cool in my book, so I reserve the right to hate her.

  • Samantha

    Okay, I'll be the one to give some love to #1

    While she's not a great actress, she's super hot and does whatever the fuck she wants, and says whatever the fuck she wants. While I don't LOVE her, I don't hate her.

  • theonlinelooker

    no doubt about lindsay lohan! She portrays bad image to the public. I loved her when she was a teenager , those mean girls days–when she was still a chubby teen ^.^


  • jess

    I'd bet about 99% of these people are NOTHING like the way the media portrays them. The more people "hate" them (I don't know how anyone can hate someone they have never met before) the more money they make. We all honestly can't believe that these people REALLY act the way the do on TV right?

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