• http://twitter.com/layalis_closet @layalis_closet

    #8 What amazing friends! Adorable

  • dkellyb

    #3 coke works great to clean urine stains out of a toilet bowl, too… Not fond of drinking anything that can clean a toilet D:

    • tapsnapornap

      There is a thin layer of plastic on the inside of a pop can…or it would eat through the can eventually. On the other hand, your stomach is already full of much stronger acid so these tidbits are irrelevant.

  • Wet_tosti

    #3 If you drink the koolaid so your intestines will be dyed! After that take a cola to strip down the koolaid! Try to see solutions where everyone else sees a problem!

  • Sade

    #3 Swear Daily Motivation is changing my life bit by bit.

    • togaen

      Coca cola is harmless. It's less acidic than orange juice, and way less acidic than the digestive acids your body produces naturally (which, by the way, can dissolve nails). And, yeah, kool-aid can dye your hair… doesn't mean it's bad for you. If you eat enough carrots your skin will turn orange… also doesn't mean it's bad for you.

  • TC

    I actually worked out before daily motivation post. Woo!

  • Ashley

    #16 = yes!!!

  • justlilolme

    #10 If I saw someone do this at the gym, it would make my day.

  • http://afitlife24.blogspot.com/ Alyssa

    would love #7 legs!…but my former gymnast body won't allow me anything but stocky legs haha…oh well, I'm still tryin! Insanity is done (went from 130 lbs to 120 lbs…I'm 5'7''), so now I'm taking a little break (ha) with 30 Day Shred…<3 my daily motivation!!!!

  • Lindsey

    #16 MOAR! Cyclists are so damn sexy!

    • halkyrie


  • estef

    #4 I love those chips!

  • Bonnie

    #10 I get close to that when I workout with jammin tunes! :)

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