• emm

    #26 Want!!! Where do I find it??

    • jjj

      I can't find it. Looked for "Union Jack crop top" and other variations like "UK flag" with "dolman sleeve".
      Some things come up for "poncho top" and there used to be a top from forever21.com that is sold out. That might have been it, but there isn't a picture.

      • geraldin

        i found one identical in ebay

        • jjj

          Thank you! Great job!😀 http://www.ebay.com/itm/261047935881?ssPageName=S

          $20.37 as of now.

        • jjj

          It show that it is size Large…check the size chart. But this really is a loose fit anyway, so it would probably work on a lot of sizes.😀

  • Mdot

    Want #17 skirt.

  • Cassady

    Ditto! #17 Find that skirt!

  • ro ro

    anyone notice how unnaturally and un-healthily thin these women were? coat hangers!

    • Jamie

      Haters gonna hate. Sorry they're not fat for you.

    • MissK

      They look horrible! I'd rather see REAL women! Jamie is a dumbass.

      • Sarlm

        Why does 'real' mean curvy or overweight? 'real' women can be any shape and size. I have friends who are very slim because they do yoga and eat well, not because they're anorexic. I hate this attitude

    • Angel

      They look perfectly healthy to me…

      • some

        I think some of this girls are very young, like 15 to 18 and to be skinny at that age is normal and healty.

  • robin5parkles

    #8 is magical

    • beesknees4

      My husband has this shirt. Too funny.

  • SugarSkull

    Im liking #4 must find them!

  • Julia

    A few of these look like homeless-wear. Just a little.

  • Jamie

    Yep, #4. NEED to find…please help!

  • mau

    #4 they are adorable! where can we find them? PLEASE link us!

  • Marietje

    #10 Where can I buy this!😀

  • Steven .k

    <img src=http://www.freecouponshop.info/free/ncj.jpg>#8 alien spotted… just kidding. <img src=http://www.freecouponshop.info/nif/hcr.jpg>

  • LAskygurl

    #21 her shorts are too short and it looks like there is tampon string hanging out of her crotch😦

  • http://twitter.com/layalis_closet @layalis_closet

    Cute looks. I have seen some of these girls on lookbook, chictopia and poshmark.

  • http://twitter.com/moeaubrey @moeaubrey

    I know #5 !! lol

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