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    I❤ #20 geek chic

  • https://twitter.com/DanaShades Dana Littlerose

    Goth couture? "Oh my, it's so bright outside, it's ripping my soul apart. I shall wear my eternal depression glasses today as a reminder of my ongoing misery."
    in other words: want.

    • Sade


  • T.S.

    I really really really love #28!!!! Where is that from?

  • Lola

    #14 I could just fall asleep in that ….zzzzZZZZZZzzzZZZ

  • Kal


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  • socalmarti

    Jesus please don't let #1 be earrings !

  • Supipi

    OMG….! I love the first pic, it defines the true beauty of being colourful & reminds me that I'm still a teen…❤

  • Joce

    Does anyone know where to find those mini knitting needles so I can make my own #1?

  • jjj

    These are 1 1/2" long.
    On ebay, there are dollhouse knitting needles by David Krupick that are 15/16" long. Search for "David Krupick dollhouse knitting needles"

  • Sapnil

    I was highly dapsipsointed with ninendos press conference. (microsoft surprised the most out of me, and sony had some nice things with that Sorcery game and all) But im a Nintendo fan .I eagerly awaited the countdown to the final minute of live feed over my laptop..when i saw the flashbacks of zelda i was getting chills .and then WTF!? a mix between WW and TP? really nintendo? Bite the F*cking bullet and dish out to us hardcore fans for once, you’ve won in the console war, now you can do whatever the heck you want lol .im still gonna buy it though..dont get me wrong..i will judge fairly when i buy it. Super excited for Goldeneye though

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