Hot men of theBERRY: Smiling Edition! (70 photos)


We can't thank you enough for sending such amazing pics our way! Berries are loving all of you. Chivers, thanks for paying back the beautiful Chivettes. Ladies, thanks for sending pics of your HMOTB.
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • Sophie

    There is nothing, nothing I need more than #3 right now.
    Oh, my, goodness.

  • @schoencs

    Berry….FIND HIM #44 hes so handsome… help a chivette out!!

  • Kelsey

    #44 you are Definitely berry worthy! ;)

  • Sarah

    These men are all gorgeous. I LOVE a man with a smile. But I actually went back to look at #31 again. Wow.

  • Virgiiniiadelia

    #25 & #59. So cute.

  • Jennifer

    #56 #48 #59 … Mmm! :D

  • Rachel

    #60 is my gorgeous boyfriend Nick. He just left for deployment and I won't see him for 9 months!!

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