Popular TV besties (17 photos)

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  • shelbykpeterson

    Probably want to take a look at the caption for #1 again…

    • GMG

      Leslie and Ann – parks and rec
      best show ever!

  • AstroMikeDexter

    Ummm.. Friends?!

  • Candles

    #14 YES! Such a hilarious show!

  • Jenni

    #10 I love that show!

  • emm

    #4 reminds me of a pic that would be taken of me and a friend. I'm the Robin in that scenario…. haha

  • PicklesMcGee

    #3 #12 #15 #16! my favs:-)

  • Sade


    • Optimus_prime

      Love this show!!

  • Stac

    What about Amy, Penny and Bernadette from Big Bang Theory

    • https://twitter.com/DanaShades Dana Littlerose

      Yes! Besties forever!

  • Jon

    #8 not likely a

  • Jon

    #8 not likely after Tara got turned

  • Amanda

    #11 Jules, not Julie!

    • Anu

      I knew something was off!

  • Kayla

    #1 Parks and Rec

  • Jess

    Apparently popular means recent today. What about the classics like Lucy and Ethel. They set the bar for every single female friendship on TV. No saved by the bell? DJ and Kimmy? The original 90210? And what about the guys? Cory and Shawn from boy meets world. And how about friends? Kinda a no brainer.

    • Liir

      I know! I was thinking about Starsky and Hutch or James West and Artemus Gordon. Maybe this is just the female version and the Berry will do a male version later?

  • Anu

    #1 No, I believe that is blond Tina Fay

  • elle

    Where's JD and Turk ?!

  • diamante

    Blair & Serena?

  • hottimasprime

    #11 only just discovered this show,love it!

  • Claire

    #8 Nahhhhht so much anymore. Tara is one pissed off vamp now.

    • ♥Eric Northman.

      She'll come around and go back to Sook! Love TB.

  • Sher

    I’m glad others have noectid this trend!! I was riding my bike the other day and it seemed there was a chipmunk every 2 or 3 feet!! I’ve never seen so many!!! and a coworker mentioned seeing many the other day .Interesting!

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