• Chivettest

    I once heard a little girl scream at her father outside a Dairy Queen "I DONT LIKE SPRINKLES" and I realized she had no soul.

  • NurseBug

    Hells bells, I just mentally shattered my diet at least 32 times… drooooooool…

  • notfornothing1

    anybody else call them "jimmies"?

    • AshTreeNE

      Yep, in NH that is how we roll

      • Optimus_prime

        We roll that way in PA too

  • Ausaf Chohan

    very nicely taken


  • Courtney M

    Love this! Makes me want to go bake some stuff!

  • anna

    This might be my favorite food post the berry has ever done… if for no other reason than how pretty it is.

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