• SugarSkull

    #15 im dying to try this!
    #4 such a cute tattoo:)

  • Angel

    #27 I❤ derby girls! Sorry bout your foot:(

    • Jess

      I will be back on my skates as soon as the Doctor says I can be:)

  • Loo

    #13 Love Irregular Choice. You have excellent taste.

  • luckystar1121

    #13 LOVE Irregular Choice! So cute!

  • jjj

    #35 Who makes these??? So cute!

    • Lemon

      haha. This made me smile:) It's normally you that finds products for everybody else.

      I wish I could help you but my finding skills are rubbish, Hopefully the lady will reply to you :))

      • jjj

        Thank you😀 for noticing that I try to find things here for Berries (and Chivers, too)! I like to help you peeps out if I can. Such a great bunch here. It gives me some purpose, too, and I love to do it.

        I figure that since a Berry posted about the shoes, she'll see my comment and let me know before I have to go scouring the internet in search of….knock wood. The clothing/shoes/bags are the hardest to find. I figure by the time those things get posted here we're late for the party.

        • Paz

          I'm not sure if it's the exact pair, but I know Target has a few crystal covered ones like that in some different colors too.

          • jjj

            Thank you! I'll look there…

  • MamaQ

    #33 I LIVE IN MY RAINBOWS TOO!!! they are the best sandals out there

    • http://www.stuffthatbuoyruins.blogspot.com Antioneete

      I wear them out….have a "bad" pair and a dressy pair. Sad to say that this is my dressy pair!

      • Steena

        They're the "glass slipper" of the South!

  • tomato

    #32 those are her first pair?? ouch!

  • Jenni

    Where can I get #31?

    • Katie

      These are my shoes! They are from urbanog.com but I have also seen them on gojane.com

  • CPJ

    #14 To a job interview…?

    • tomato

      what kind of jobs??

      • jjj

        Pole dancer? jk

        • mars

          hahaha that's why she always gets the job :p

  • doerteee

    love #11 and i'd love #31 in a different color!

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #2 Mine! I love those. They give my dresses a little vintage-type flair.
    #20 Those are adorable too!

  • Paulina

    #39 really cool shoes!

    • justlilolme

      what kind of dye do you use? I love these

      • Lynne

        Thanks! I actually bought them pink, and painted the seeds on (in black) and painted the bottom rims green, which were originally white! :o) Glad you like them!

  • Hollygoyle

    Yep, #13 are freakin' adorable!

  • Kal

    #14 As a stripper?

  • Lynne

    Thanks for showing my shoes! Hope you liked them! #39

  • ange

    #27 yay roller derby! but damn injury😦 get better quickly

  • Jim

    #30 can I lick your feet?

  • http://twitter.com/InChiaroscuro @InChiaroscuro

    Everyone is so creative! I totally want to try the comic book on heels thing.

  • sidekickk

    #28 I have these!!! i fell in love with them as soon as i tried them on:)

  • http://www.simivalleyorthodontist.com/ Elayne

    Everyone is so creative! I totally want to try the comic book on heels thing.

  • Lisa

    #26 I have those shoes, too!! I love them!!

  • Kitty

    Nothing wrong with wearing #14 to a job interview. They're not sky high & with a simple & chic outfit, it can add a kick of badass-ness. And I love #11 #31 #32!

  • Erika

    i only liked the bonnaroo & roller derby photos.

  • Jessica

    where can i get the red flats?!?!

    • amandiola

      I had #1 !! I got them at Target and then my lovely dog decided to use them as a chew toy😦

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