• Jen

    #1 what is happening here? Is it a mid -air photo of some fab gymnasts!? Or am
    I missing the cool somewhere?

    • http://www.prettypennymarketing.com songbirdsong

      This is awesome Olympic trampolining and it is incredible and I'm kind of obsessed.

  • Mmm.

    #35 WITH #37 on the side please!

    • Ugh.

      I meant #39 but that works to.😀

  • KCinMB

    being from a beautiful columbus suburb with a golf course designed by jack nicklaus and a graduate of ohio state, i find this post uninformed, uneducated and unnecessary. points lost by the berry.

    • brigid

      agree 100% ohio is amazing and untouchable, bucks stick together!

  • brigid

    #11 seriously? ohio is amazing! lived here my whole life and there is much more than just corn fields
    the black keys
    halle berry
    lebron james
    akron's hikes and parks
    hall of fames
    cedar point
    the ohio state university
    akron university
    ohio university
    the cleveland clinic, greatest healthcare in the country
    the beauty of this state is untouchable by any other proud to be an ak rowdy, our culture is unike any other and we have way more than other crappy places out there #stepoff

  • Emily

    #11 is BERRY rude. Outside of Atlanta, what does Georgia have? Every state has its good parts and boring parts and Ohio is no worse than any other state. More astronauts and presidents have come out of this state than anywhere else. We have fantastic colleges here as well as sports teams and where would this world be with The Black Keys? Ohio has awesome cities like Akron and Cleveland and I would choose here over anywhere else. Maybe nobody understands Ohio because nobody cares to, but I don't appreciate this post because it makes unfair judgements on a state that is just as equal as any other state. No one can hate on Ohio unless they are from here, because no one else understands. Go bucks!

    • brigid

      akrowdy!!!! (man voice)

  • BrandiNY

    #21 I love Kate but is it just me or has she lost A LOT of weight!

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