Channing Tatum claps it… Magic Mike style (video)


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The booty clappin’ starts @ 1:20. Check out Matthew McConaughey’s reaction!

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Megan Resig

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  • Annette

    Did y'all notice how smooth McConaughey was changing his chew tabacco packet from his lip. ( scream nasty)

  • Bad vid

    Cant view video on my iPhone :(

    • Jenny

      Me neither! :-((

      • Bobbi_1025

        Me three:(. We need a Berry App!!!

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  • Ewewewewew

    WHO is that trashy interviewer?

  • Raskolnikova

    She's awesome! LOL

  • hyyw

    The interviewer is awesome haha!

  • Danni :)

    Hahaha, need to see this movie.

  • DiMi

    The interviewer is hilarious. I loved it that she wasn't just sucking up to them like most interviewers and that she had no scruples when it came to requesting a "booty clap."

    I am laughing that she gave up her earrings, and I am laughing even harder that they a. accepted them as payment and b. KEPT them when she left!!!! I couldn't hear the name of her youtube page. Can somebody tell me?

  • Bee

    She was great, I am so excited to see this movie for my birthday!

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