• Lemon

    Where is #21?

  • April C.

    #21 Lets hope that side of the boat doesn't hit an ice berg…

  • misschris

    #12 Wow, she looks SO elegant in this photo. Just stunning.
    #15 I'll take the one in the middle please :-)

  • Candy

    The closest thing i get to luxurious these days is lighting a scented candled, sitting in a hot bath with fake rose petals, and drinking a glass of sparkling cider pretending its wine.

  • Julde

    This was the most useful post on a blog I’ve seen all week, thank you! The pevieectsrps online are vast when it comes to image usage and these tips are simple and extremely useful, as well as the ideas in the comments. Now I’m wondering does anyone give credit to photos when using them for Facebook company page posts?

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