Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (64 photos)

Hi hi! This gallery just keeps getting better. Thanks for getting creative guys. Click SUBMIT to send your pic... or mail to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.
BERRY love,

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  • Jelos

    #36 is fantastic!! A man that can grill it up AND is super sexy!! I'll take that one:-)

  • me!

    #53 yum!

  • ORTHOgirl

    #56 and #61 MOAR!! PLEASE!:)

  • treyjo31

    #9 what the tat for incase your idiot ass forgets when you were born?

  • Seyphir

    #13 is adorable and my goodness #34, I just don't really have words….

  • Sophie

    #8 You're just a supremely fine man! & #13 Howl's Moving Castle is all sorts of fantastic~

  • Redhead

    #5 arrgh! so good! #43 ^_^

  • Sarah

    Ahhhh the one that sketched Howls moving castle! and the one deployed in Japan. Sigh:)

  • Optimus_prime

    #5 oh mylanta! #8 Ich muss zum Deutschland gehen.

  • Amanda


    Fine examples of why I keep returning to the site.

  • @pghchivette138

    #18 Definitely hot!

  • celina

    You look just like my next boyfriend.

  • thevanitydiary

    #2 please MOAR
    #13 What a great smile!

  • Darling

    #13 you have amazing taste to go along with that smile. More please?

    • Cory_Mac

      i sent in more! haha

  • Princess

    Dear etcrr, As usual you forget that the Russians were agisant germany, I’m not saying that they were nice but and the U.S. help was the weapon and materials not men, like all the hollywood movies are about, We can debate this endlessly, but the fact is we will never know what would have happened without U.S. involvement, so to speak as a fact that Germany had won the war is childish.and who the hell said that I was a girl?

  • paintand88keys

    #13, #64, what beautiful, beautiful men.

    • Cory_Mac

      #13: thank ya! =)

      • paintand88keys

        Of course! Your smile is infectious!

        • Cory_Mac


  • Berrygal7

    #1 looks even better naked

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