Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (64 photos)

Hi hi! This gallery just keeps getting better. Thanks for getting creative guys. Click SUBMIT to send your pic... or mail to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.
BERRY love,

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  • bubblerider86

    Collect ALL the HMOTB!!!! Rawr, i'm a greedy girl…<3 you all:)

  • Typ

    #26 You lucky, lucky gal!😛

  • Nataly

    #5, #49 and #53… WOW

  • Lisa

    #22 There seems to be a lot of sexy chivers in Colorado. I hear it's a lot like Canada there anyways so maybe I need to relocate!!

  • tomato

    #47 i'd purposely get lost at sea if you were to rescue me
    #21 holy crap!

    • Rob Pagano

      Haha, I'd find you😉 no problem

      • samanthalin88

        Ahfjwidnayeirmsohs *drool*

  • Anonymous

    #1, #5, #7…. nice

    • berrygal

      #1 is soooo cute!

  • KristinaLiberty

    #58 in that order

    • @ChiveOnAZ

      Thanks for putting me in your top 5! Much love.

  • SugarSkull

    So much hot!! I need me a chiver:)

  • halkyrie

    oh, how I love Fridays. #22 – this Denver Chiver/ette meet up needs to happen!

  • dkellyb

    #56 who needs clothes anyway?

    • red daisy

      Hot Hot Hot!

    • May

      Soooooo sexy!

  • mel

    #18 Oooohh I love the sleeve tattoo… Send another pic with your face!!❤

  • rae

    That is my favorite movie every and that is the best smile ever❤

    • rae

      ever* durr lol

      • @GamerKitty84

        I know! 😀 I was like "Howl's Moving Castle!" how awesome is that

        • Cory_Mac


  • Pam

    #34…. find hem…. find hem for me….:'(

    • Ang

      Agreed! Moar please!

    • Dakota

      thanks for the love ladies

    • bubblerider86

      YES PLEASE! I stopped on this picture for a bit longer than is probably normal😉

    • Ariel

      Yes Yes MOAR!

  • boredatwork

    #57 good god, how tall are you?…I like my mens tall!, #34 good to see you again! you are just too adorable:), #61…I wanna see your FACE!:)

    • @ChiveOnAZ

      I'm pretty tall 6'4"

      • boredatwork

        you're perfect then. unffffff! I'm a tiny person (5'1) but there's something about a man over 6'0 that makes me wanna berry them all day….berry them all night:)

  • aciekay

    #4 i'd like to pull that tie… #13 talented and a great smile. (: #30 faaaaace, please!

  • Marlies

    I think that this is the best collection of HMOTB ever. Especially #8.

    • monk

      100% agree! Totally had the same thought and the same favorite!

      • Cassidy

        Likewise. Is he single? Can I call him? Hahaha but seriously…

  • Andrea_9

    #59 & #61 o.0❤

    • cammy

      hahah the exact 2 that caught my eye!

  • Meghan

    #14 I'll grab my bike abd we can go for a ride together:)

  • Emily

    #43- Only a lifty would know the inside of another lift station.. Best Job EVER

  • ReneeV85

    ❤ #18 wanna see your face!!!

  • stef

    #14 SO sexy

  • Becki

    #34, #47, #56, #64, come on over tonite for breakfast tomorrow…:) Awe hell, all of y'all can come. GREAT HMOTB this week!

    • Rob Pagano

      How am i supposed to find the place? :p (#47) haha

  • BunnayParty

    Oh. My. God. *drools*

  • Mmm_Ciao

    #26 Would be hotter if his pants were off, but still what an awesome boyfriend! #47 You are one attractive specimen.

    • Rob Pagano

      Thanks hun😉 made me smile tonight:)

      • Mmm_Ciao

        Glad I could make you smile. :)You certainly brightened up my day.

  • @InChiaroscuro

    #49, #34 Wow.:)

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