• Becki

    WHERE can I get #21???? Totally my style!!

  • Avy

    Where can I get #10???? I need that in my life.

  • BritBerrier

    #4 looks like the killed sully from Monsters inc.

    • Matheus

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  • Lisa

    #5 #19 and #24 LOVE all of these!!! #15 and the green and brown buckle shoes here are to die for!!

  • longcoolwoman

    #12 is really beautiful!

  • socalmarti

    love love love #18!

  • Jazzberry

    love #24 and #25

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  • random_username

    #6 is just adorable! They probably are baby's shoes. And #25 is incredible. Also, almost everybody out ther would totally wear at least one of the items in these posts. Hehe these aren't so weird now, huh?

  • doerteee

    just fell in love with #10… need!

  • Sarah

    #7, #10, and #12 are AWESOME. I LOVE LOVE LOVE #10.

  • Jessica

    I am a user of Photoshop Elements. I downgraded from Photoshop CS(x) as I no lgoner needed such a powerful program. Adobe Elements offers all of the features that most home users want or need. I have given it four stars instead of five because I think the Help component is lacking. As to the other reviewer who gave this program 1 star, I have to point out that Adobe Photoshop Elements is NOT movie editing software. It is photo editing software. Perhaps she was referring to Adobe Premiere Elements, which is a movie editing software application.

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