• wendy

    It's a girl thing post always make me feel like i must not really be a girl.

    • emm

      Well if you've got the parts you must be a girl, just not a girly-girl like these posts are directed to:) I'm an outdoorsy, muscle car loving, beer drinking kind of girl but I appreciate a cute pair of shoes and bright colour nail polish once in a while!

      • laurennsfw

        i think we would be good friends, girl after my own heart:)

    • random_username

      Don't! Everything in these posts (or almost anything) is liked by girls. That doesn't mean every girl has to like all of these, or any, for that matter.

  • Lisa

    #21 Really beautiful!! In a totally selfish way though, all I can think when I see gorgeous engagement rings is "Ugh, I'm so single", hahaha.

    • kem

      kinda the same thought only my second part is…. I know not to expect engagement from my beau.

      • jjj

        Maybe he is not really a 'beau' and you should find another who does value you that much. ?

  • PicklesMcGee

    #17 yep.. that happens.

  • Littlet

    #29 made me laugh…

  • kem

    #15 totally cute.

  • Lisa

    what kinda drinks are #27 ??

  • socalmarti

    #19 Soooo true!

    • tiffsweets

      What movie is this from?

      • NicholeNichole

        Disney's Princess and the frog

  • Jenni

    #17 all the freakin time! #19 what movie is that from? #27 where is that? My 21st Bday is coming up soon Berry!

  • emm

    #6 I have those! Love them… My go-to summer shoes❤

    • samanthalin88

      I have them too and looove them! bought them in navy also.

  • Abbey

    #29 Haha love it !! #15 That baby is fab ! I'm dressing my future daughter like that !

  • Magenta

    #14 wow this is just your favourites?! I'd love to see the full collection!

  • skyfireCO

    #11 ..Want that hat! and #22 looks like the perfect idea for today:)

  • Jade

    #17 totally! I hate that

  • AMRD

    I only related to the books one but I'm not really a girly girl.

  • LAskygurl

    #23 where can I get those??????? Love it!!

  • Carro

    Awww #8 China glaze is my favorite nail polish… Need ALL the colors!!!!!!!!!!

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