• Chubby

    #4 I wonder who's winning:)

  • Technician

    #9 I knew a girl in HS who constantly lied to her boyfriends about being pregnant so they'd "stay". None of them ever did…she also had 4 abortions by the time we graduated. Now that we're in our early 30's and she's been with the same guy for 5 years she wants to have a child with him and found out a couple of years ago that she can't have kids. I want to feel bad for her having struggled with fertility issues myself…. but… I find it hard.

    • alcideissexy

      so..she lied about being pregnant while being pregnant? or had random hook ups that got her pregnant? babies are not something to lie about, I had an insane roommate who did the same with her bf. She even had her 'miscarriage' on his birthday to Really fuck his head up.

    • Aoi

      Sadly this story is more common than one can expect.

    • misslyon

      I used to work with a girl who'd tell her boyfriend that she was pregnant whenever he tried to break up with her. He was too nice to leave anyway, so he always stayed (and the last time, planned to marry her ASAP). Then, when they'd go to tell their families, she'd mysteriously have a miscarriage.

  • NSJ

    #9 is messed up. That is bad juju.

  • Soda Pop

    #9…..physco much?

  • vmalnd

    #6 I will say a prayer for you

  • alcideissexy

    #2 Was in this situation once. To make it worse, he made it seem like his sobriety was very dependent on our shit relationship. It was difficult to leave, but i resented the hell out of him, so i had to😦 he fell off the wagon in a big way.

    • Amber

      Sorry to hear that. Personally know alcoholism is a hell of a disease and not easy for anyone involved. Didn't deal with it through a boyfriend but a close family member. But you have to look out for yourself and it was his choice to fall off the wagon. Stay strong and kcco!

  • Lisa

    #6 I hear ya, girl. Boo-urns.

  • socalmarti

    #2 and #6 are going hand in hand for me right now!

  • amierose86

    keep these coming. Love post secrets!

  • amal schlanger

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